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Custom Development

We at Fishbowl IT are more than just a website design firm: we build custom applications in the mySQL/PHP environment. We create websites, modules, and components based on whatever you need.

Using a technology called AJAX, we are able to create desktop applications based on your needs. These applications are made to be user-friendly and customized to your needs.

We also create browser-based web applications for all your business needs: from order processing to full on project management.

We can also create custom applications for individuals with disabilities. If you would like to customize an application for use with screen readers, for example, we can make sure that we build web applications to work seamlessly with disability technologies. … Read the rest

Web Design

Want Your Website To Pop?!!

We work with clients every step of the way: from original idea to completed delivery. That way you will receive exactly what you want, every time.

For web design, we work hard to ensure that your website’s look turns out exactly as you want it. We utilize technologies like XHTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP to create cutting edge websites with new features that increase engagement and conversions.

From a small personal blog to a large corporate website, we can make sure that you create your online identity exactly as you desire it to be. … Read the rest

Web Hosting

Even if you don’t choose hosting with us, we will direct you towards a great GoDaddy promo code resource for you to set up a budget domain/hosting package: Coupon Web Hosting – promo codes for popular host providers

When you are shopping for website hosting, it’s understandable to want every single bell and whistle in your hosting package.

We are a hosting reseller, and by that we mean that we lease out servers from high-end data-centers and use them to create highly customized hosting plans for each of our customers. This gives us the flexibility to offer all the features that make sense for your company.

We offer hosting to our web design and web development clients, as well as clients who need help moving their existing websites to our new hosting platform.

By default we offer the Apache HTTP Server, but if you wish to use Windows for your hosting needs, we offer that as well.

We also have great customer support. You can reach us by phone or by email if you have a question. We like to keep it small an intimate!… Read the rest

About Us

We are a web development company based out of Canada, and we offer web services to local and national business and individuals. As a company we take pride in our simple and straightforward approach to handling our client’s needs.

Our Services Include:

  • Web Hosting
  • Website Design
  • Full Custom Web-Application Development

For all of our services, we work with you during the whole process: from original conception to delivery. That way we can ensure that the services you receive are exactly what you want.

At Fishbowl IT, our specialty is in PHP/mySQL application development, although we have tons of services for hosting, web applications and web design.

Contact us here. … Read the rest