Did you know that you could be costing yourself potential clients and money by using outdated technology? Upgrading your network and infrastructure can seem like an expensive and daunting task, but there are ways to keep your expenses low while setting yourself up for future successes. One such tip is to use a voucher website when purchasing new hardware, a ‘voucher’ is a coupon for those of you across the pond. We have some other suggestions, as well as ways of looking at the project that will hopefully make the decision a little easier and more fiscally sound.

Use a voucher website to get the best prices

This is my number one tip anytime somebody has budget concerns: use a voucher website. You can save on so many items just by checking to see if there is a voucher available before making your purchase. There almost always is. And they aren’t just for purchasing physical items! You should be using a voucher code for web hosting, domain names, software downloads, SaaS (Software as a Service) products, your customer relations management software, email, and on and on. You know how on the checkout page there is always that little box that says ‘Have a voucher code?’. Make it a goal to never check out without it filled in with a working code.

use a voucher website to save on all business purchases

Today’s costs can reap huge benefits tomorrow

The thing with doing an infrastructure upgrade is that the costs are front-loaded, but you will reap benefits in terms of overall savings and improved earning potential for years. And we’re not just talking in terms of finances. Although it may take a few weeks of solid effort to get an existing infrastructure fully upgraded, having a streamlined and modern system can end up saving your employees many, many hours that they can then use on higher value tasks. Research shows that about 90 hours per year are lost to employees dealing with IT issues and outdated technologies.

Did you know that around 90% of survey respondents said that if a business’ existing system was outdated and difficult to use, they would look for an alternative? That means that by not upgrading you are possibly alienating up to 90% of potential customers. That is a lot of potential revenue that will not be coming in!

Take advantage of government funding or loan programs

2020 was a crazy year for a lot of businesses and 2021 has been much of the same so far. Many businesses were forced to make the move to delivering their goods or services online. As such, several governments started offering grants and loans to businesses who were looking to upgrade their technology and infrastructure to be able to continue operations online. Whether that was implementing an e-commerce platform on their website to be able to take orders and payments, or the ability to have employees connected while they are working remotely, there was a wide range of upgrade projects that were eligible for funding. Not every business qualifies, but if you were looking at an infrastructure upgrade I’d say it’s definitely worth a look. These are unprecedented times and you probably won’t see this type of funding available again.