I think we can all agree that 2020 was a very tumultuous year. Although IT was a fairly well protected industry with the move of almost all education and business online, many professionals found themselves facing technical challenges they weren’t equipped to deal with. The industry also saw quite the influx of new workers as many people lost their jobs or thought it would be safer to start working online. How can you set yourself apart, and make sure you have the skills to handle the ‘new normal’?

Learn Online with Codecademy, & save with a Discount Code

Now is a fantastic time to upgrade your skills with online learning, and if you use a Codecademy discount code it won’t even be very expensive. There is nothing happening outside and you’ve already watched all of Netflix, why not spend some of your downtime learning something new? They do offer some free classes, but if you really want to get into the high level stuff as well as get certified then you’ll need a Pro subscription. I do recommend it, and as I mentioned you can use a promo code to get a discount. They also offer a 7 day free trial, so you can test it out and see if Codecademy might be right for you.

Codecademy discount code

Increase Your Employability

If you found yourself staring down technical challenges you didn’t know how to deal with, or your contracts drying up due to new people entering the market who were willing to do it cheaper, then learning new or higher level skills through Codecademy might help your career. You don’t want to set yourself apart by being cheaper than the rest, that’s a zero sum game that nobody wins but the client. However you can set yourself apart by being more versatile or having a higher level of expertise. There are a lot of web designers out there who can throw together a decent looking website using Wix, Squarespace, or any number of services. But what about a web designer who can customize Shopify themes? Aha, now there is a specialized skill that can command a high price. And if you’re job hunting, showing on a resume that you have been doing work on learning new skills or upgrading existing ones is very attractive.

If you’re thinking that this all sounds great but you don’t exactly have a lot of money to put towards education right now, Codecademy’s prices are very reasonable and they have several coupon codes for new customers.

Switch to a Career Track You’re More Interested In

Maybe this past year has made you realize that you don’t really enjoy the career you’re in and you’re looking for a change. Again, now is a great time to try out an online career with most things still being conducted on the web and an abundance of free time for learning. Perhaps you’re already working in IT but want to switch to a different specialty. Codecademy has a massive library of courses on everything from data science to game development. All of the programming languages are covered, as their name would suggest, and they have plenty of student resources beyond just the courses.

Do It For a Challenge

Even if you currently have no career aspirations beyond what you’re currently doing (and there is nothing wrong with that), learning how to code in a new language could just be a fun challenge for you. Research shows that lifelong learning is important for brain health and can even work towards preventing diseases like dementia. There have also been studies on adults who continue learning past university that show they are overall happier and suffer from less anxiety.

Get a Promotion at Work & Earn More Money

If all the personal development stuff doesn’t motivate you, perhaps the almighty dollar will. Having a wider skill set can help set you up for promotions, or even just give you an advantage to negotiate a higher salary at your current position. Rather than just demanding more money, a great tactic is to ask your supervisor or boss what sort of value they would want to see from a person who is earning more than you currently are. You can come up with a set of outcomes and a timeline for you to hit, and then if you meet (or ideally exceed) them you will have demonstrated your value and can talk about an increased salary. Even if the company is not able to do it at that time, they will remember your commitment to providing value in the future. Showing a commitment to continually learning through resources like Codecademy looks very good as well.

Learn More, For Less

Whether you want to do it for your career, just for fun, or for the money learning how to code is always a good use of time. But just because it’s an important skill to learn doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune on an expensive tech school, use a Codecademy discount code and learn online for less!