Come See us at the Future of Web Design Conference in October!

We at Fishbowl IT tend to pretty much keep to ourselves. We let our good reputation show through our work and let our raving fan customers spread the word about the work we do. This year we’re going to make an exception and have a presence at the Future of Web Design conference in San Francisco.

Why? Well this year our very own CEO has been asked to give a presentation on the future of responsive web design. Since this is a topic that’s near and dear to our CEO’s heart, she’s decided that we are all going to FOWD this year. That’s right: our whole company will be there.

future of web design - fishbowl it
The Future of Web Design Conference in San Fransisco.

For Our Employees: Travel Tips:

We have already booked flights for all of our attending employees (we got a group booking discount). However, we were unable to book enough hotel rooms for everyone (conventions tend to fill up surrounding hotels fast!). We are advising employees to talk to their supervisors about what to do. If you book a hotel room, we will use company funds to reimburse you. We do recommend that you use a coupon code website when booking:

Coupon Feed – Valid Coupons and Promo Codes for Online Shoppers!

Company funds aren’t free!

Once we figure out our hotel room situation, again talk to your supervisor and they will give you a schedule of events for the Conference.

Employee Sign-up For Booth Duty:

We’ll be putting up a booth duty sign-up form in our office later this week. This isn’t mandatory by any means, but we do ask that you help out your team by taking a shift. It’s not a job: this is chance to meet hundreds of like-minded people who share the same passions as us!

Future Conventions?

We’re going to take this a convention at a time. We’ll be listening to everyone’s feedback on this conference. If you all have a great time and want to make this a regular occurrence, then we may just start going to conferences regularly! leatherman promo code

Resources: – Save on flights to San Francisco when you use the coupons available at

FOWD in San Fransisco – The official convention website. This will tell you the address and contact info for the convention, as well as the main schedule of events. – Again for all employees that want to book their own hotel rooms, we recommend No, we’re not affiliated with them or anything, we just like that Captain Obvious guy. You can also book with any other travel agency you like. Just no penthouse suites: okay people?!!

Tripadvisor – When not on booth duty, you can explore this great city. This is a list of 30 things to do. But again: do what you want!